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Jazilla Mobile Edition

Jazilla Mobile Edition is a XUL and HTML rendering engine for mobile devices and lightweight environments.


I have a 'Hello World' XUL example running, but this is nowhere near the standard/Desktop Jazilla version, not to mention Mozilla. How JavaScript is going to be handled within such a small footprint is one question, and I'm pondering moving to JTGL for UI stuff before working too hard on this.

Components in the Mobile port are being backported and implemented in the Jazilla Desktop (and vice-versa) edition to allow some degree of code commonality.

I'd like to hear suggestions for SeaMonkey or Firefox sidebar tabs which contain a good amount of XUL and would be loved in a mobile environment for testing purposes.


jzWabaLibs contains the beginnings on a DOMImplementation, the XUL runtime, our super modified version of the FESI EcmaScript interpreter (Rhino might get ported some day, and a few J2SE classes pinched from GNU/Classpath.


I've constructed a testing application, XulDev which serves as the test base for Jazilla Mobile Edition


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Jazilla Mobile Edition?


Mobile Edition Nightly builds

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