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A PmWiki text-search box. Normally used in Main.SearchWiki but can be placed anywhere.
Produces the results of a search in a wikipage, as coming from the q= URL parameter or a (:searchbox:) directive.

Titles, Groups, etc.

{$Name} - The page's name, as in "SpecialMarkups"
{$Group} - the page's group name, as in "PmWiki"
{$Title} - the page's title, as in "Other special markups"
{$Namespaced} - the page title spaced, as in "Special Markups"
{$Groupspaced} - the group name spaced, as in "Pm Wiki"
{$LastModified} - the date the page was last modified
{$LastModifiedBy} - the author that performed the last modification
{$LastModifiedHost} - the host that performed the last modification

Headers and Footers

Turns off the PmWiki-generated header, footer, group header, or title for the page.


(:redirect PageName:)
(:redirect GroupName.PageName:)
Redirects the browser to a different wiki page, adding a message to inform the user that the redirection has taken place.


(:include PageName:)
(:include GroupName.PageName:)

Includes the text of another wiki page in this one. WikiWord links in pages from other groups will be assumed to be in the current group if not otherwise qualified (i.e., just as if the text were entered in the current page). Note that there's no space between the ':' and the page name.

$MaxIncludes: To prevent infinite loops of includes, only a limited number of includes are actually executed (controlled by the configuration variable $MaxIncludes, which defaults to 10). If you need more than 10 included files in a page, speak with the WikiAdministrator.

(:include PageName#from:)
Includes only the line in PageName containing the [[#from]] anchor.
(:include PageName#from#to:)
Includes the lines in PageName starting with the line containing [[#from]] up to the line containing [[#to]].
(:include PageName#from#:)
Includes everything in PageName after the [[#from]] anchor.
(:include PageName##to:)
Includes everything in PageName before the [[#to]] anchor.

(:include:PageName lines=10 :)
Include the first ten lines of PageName.
(:include:PageName lines=5..10 :)
Include lines 5 through 10 of PageName.
(:include:PageName lines=5.. :)
Include lines 5 through the end of PageName.

Misc Bracket Abuse

Forces a line break, specifically inserts the HTML "<br clear='all'>"
Place this directive in a page and it will cause all of the WikiWords in the page to be displayed with spaces. This can also be turned on by setting $SpaceWikiWords=1 in customization (see PmWiki.Variables).
Creates an anchor in a page.
Creates a link to an anchor within the same page.
[[PageName#anchorname text]]
Creates a link to an anchor on PageName.

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