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PmWiki: LayoutVariables

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A variable which contains the Wiki title as displayed by the browser

An array of CSS statements to be included in the page's output along with other HTML headers. This array provides an easy place for scripts to add custom CSS statements.

An array specifying the format of the RecentChanges listing.

The format can be specified in your config.php using the following:

    $RecentChangesFmt = array(
      'Main.AllRecentChanges' => 
      '* [[$Group.$Name]]  . . . $CurrentTime by $AuthorLink',
      '$Group.RecentChanges' =>
      '* [[$Group/$Name]]  . . . $CurrentTime by $AuthorLink');

Note that changes made to the format will only affect new edits. In other words, you will need to edit a page for your new format to be visible. Note also that you need to have two spaces between the page name and the other information about the edit.

The text to be used when a page is redirected via the (:redirect:) markup.
        $PageRedirectFmt = '<p><i>redirected from $FullName</p>';
        $PageRedirectFmt = '';

An array which contains the predefined WikiStyles which can be used on a textpage.
See: PmWiki.CustomWikiStyles

Controls the number of times that pages can be included via the (:include:) and other directives, used to control recursion and otherwise pose a sanity check on page contents. $MaxIncludes defaults to 50, but can be set to any value by the wiki administrator.
       $MaxIncludes = 50;            # default
       $MaxIncludes = 1000;          # allow lots of includes
       $MaxIncludes = 0;             # turn off includes

Points to the directory of an own or different layout skin.

Changes the handling of the page URL. When set to 1 page URL will be, when set to 0 (default) it will be
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