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When set to '1', turns on the graphical buttons in the "Edit Page" form.
       # turn on graphical edit buttons
       $EnableGUIButtons = 1;

When set to '1', posting of pages requires the author to provide an author name (see AuthorTracking). Otherwise, authors can post without a name.
       # require authors to provide a name
       $EnablePostAuthorRequired = 1; 

The pattern used to determine if a page should be deleted. The default is to remove pages that contain only the single word "delete" (and optional spaces).
       # change delete word to "remove"
       $DeleteKeyPattern = "^\\s*remove\\s*$";
       # delete any page with no visible text, i.e., empty
       $DeleteKeyPattern = "^\\s*$";

The text that should be displayed when editing or browsing non-existent pages.
       $DefaultPageTextFmt = 'Page $Name does not exist';

This array contains all the function names that are called when you edit a page (in the same order). It could be used to perform some additional or own functions just by adding another (own) function name. Standard setting is (see pmwiki.php):
       $EditFunctions = array('RestorePage','ReplaceOnSave','SaveAttributes',

With this array you can give a pattern as key and a text which should replace it when saving an edited text. The following example replaces every occurence of [[test:sometext with [[special:--sometext when you save an edited page.
       # Replace text on Save (add pattern and replacement to array $ROSPatterns)
       $ROSPatterns["/\\[\\[test:([^\\s$UrlExcludeChars]*)/"] = "[[special:--\$1";





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