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PmWiki: AvailableActions

display the specified page

edit the specified page

show a change history of the specified page

displays dialog for setting/changing password of the specified page


display a form to upload an attachment for the current group

displays a form for generating hashed passwords out of clear text for usage in your config.php

display the specified page using the skin specified by $ActionSkin['print']

Actions enabled by $EnableDiag:

the following actions are available only if you set $EnableDiag = 1 in your config-file. They can be used for debugging and should not be set in a production environment.

displays a list of all markups in 3 columns:
  • column 1 = markup-name (1. parameter of markup() )
  • column 2 = when will rule apply (2. parameter of markup() )
  • column 3 = PmWiki's internal sort key (derived from #2)
(see CustomMarkup)

displays the output of phpinfo() and exits. no page will be processed

displays a dump of all global vars and exits. no page will be processed

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