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PmWiki: AuthorTracking

PmWiki versions 0.6 and later provide support for tracking authors of edits. By default the edit form provides an "Author:" field where a person editing a page can record his/her name with the edit being performed. Author names are limited to letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens--basically the same characters allowed in Links. Authorship of edits can then be viewed via the PageHistory command for any page.

Within the RecentChanges pages, author names become links to "profile pages" where authors can store information about themselves. By default these pages are stored in the "Profiles/" WikiGroup, but this can be changed by a site administrator to be a different group by setting the $AuthorGroup variable in config.php.

One can use the [[~name]] markup to refer to an author's profile page.

As distributed, author names in PmWiki are optional--i.e., a user is not required to supply an author name with an edit. A site administrator can change this behavior via the $EnablePostAuthorRequired variable.

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