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Welcome to the Jazilla Project Homepage.

Jazilla is a project to implement the Mozilla XUL markup, APIs and other features in Java while retaining as much compatbility as possible with applications built for Mozilla.

The latest release is Milestone 4 which was released on June 26,2004. Grab it from our project page:

Please note that the codebase mentioned above is obsolete and should only be tackled by the brave. See below for more info.

News Bits - 7/4/06

I've been working on the GroupDAV connector for Funambol (the Java OSS SyncML server) so I haven't done much since January. I know the forum was hacked, mind you, I was going to throw it out once I had time in favor of a room on my Citadel node.

I should point out that the projects inactivity between 2000-2002 and subsequent slow going has let other alternatives pop up in place of the old codebase.

Those looking for a HTML renderer in Java may be interested in the Flying Saucer project or CalpaHTML for older versions of HTML. A nice selection of XUL motors can be found at the Open XUL alliance.

I should note that I intend to keep the jXUL-based (jzXUL) XUL renderer in the future. Also, for anyone confused, SVG is only one of the supported outputs I intend to implement on the next renderer. The main difference between JRenderer and the one I have prototyped is that layout positions are now calculated before graphical components are created, and without the knowledge of what output is being used. Not as simple, but with careful abstraction the renderer should easily reach down to J2ME and SuperWaba.


I've finally had the guts to look into the Jazilla source code thats been lying on my hard drive for some time while I concentrated on other projects (namely to do with the Citadel BBS/groupware project and a few others).

The renderer I was/am working on uses SVG (yes, as in that XML vector graphics thing)* as a Swing replacement, which is a welcome change for me, as SVG doesn't have the annoying concept of "everything must be in some type of layout or we'll make it hard for the programmer" problem.

The big problem, however, is that Batik, just to render an 800x600 canvas with two text elements, takes some time to get started, so I am concerned on how this code will scale down.

I am no longer working on the old codebase, and as a result, XUL code won't be touched for a while.

  • If Steve Jobs was insane enough to use PostScript and then PDF+OpenGL, then I'm happy to be insane enough to use SVG.


Mid-semester break time...

I'm experimenting with a very new concept for a new renderer. I'm not going to say what it is right now as I'm still doing work on it to study the viability of the idea but what I can say:

- Nor Swing, AWT, SWT, JTGL, WabaUI or any other graphics toolkit like them are directly involved. In fact, I am using a graphics toolkit for this, but ask yourself, "is he really using this *kind* of toolkit". (think NOT X11)

- It is being built on top of another W3C standard.

- As a result, this renderer could easily run standalone and is not particularly dependent on a specific implementation of said W3C standard.

- DOM is a key part to making this all work. Duh.

- Think NeXTSTEP.

Let loose conspiracy therorists! No prizes except for output from said renderer saying "You and your mind reading skills are a risk to national sanity!"

I'm still looking for alternatives to plug in for those wanting to use Jazilla for XUL and don't want to be stuck with a horrible renderer.

P.S I intend to use Jazilla as a base for a control interface on an electronics project. Stay tuned!


Guilty as charged... Jazilla development has slowed down a bit due to me being addicted to MMORPG's, and with the second semester of school starting (up to 200% less potential free time!) for me next week, there won't be anything new on the Jazilla front for a few weeks yet.

I've done some work to port Rhino to SuperWaba, at the moment I'm aiming at getting Rhino to compile and package for SuperWaba (removal of all J2SE specific references etc.), so the first few builds there will be non functional, later on I'm going to do some tracing of how Rhino works on J2SE and replicating that on SuperWaba.

A request: Does anyone know a good java.lang.reflect.* replacement for SuperWaba? Rhino needs stuff like Method a lot to use LiveConnect, and getting a suitable replacement for reflect will make it easier to get some JS DOM classes ported. I haven't looked too far within the SuperWaba SDK but if you know something that helps, I'd love to hear it.


I've locked down a few pages in this wiki to stop vandalism. Any editing suggestions for locked pages should go to the forum.

Anyway, jzWabaLibs will contain a Swing API compatible wrapper on top of the SuperWaba UI clases, along with a modified version of the FESI EcmaScript interpreter.


You can obtain the SuperWaba examples and the latest desktop source from our nightly directory:


First XUL Examples running on PalmOS/SuperWaba Jazilla Mobile Edition?

We'll, we have Hello World! and Buttons (see bottom of page there) working on SuperWaba now. I'm probably going to implement some sort of abstraction layer between desktop and mobile versions before I port any more widgets - only a few files from Jazilla are present in the mobile edition. Source will be out soon.


I'd thought it would be good to release a major work in progress lib for the mobile version. If you need DOM interfaces packaged in a SuperWaba pdb, we'll, we have 'em. If you don't hear much its because I fell in love with this game called WoW.


JavaDocs are now up.


I'm working on the base for a SuperWaba port now, and i'd like an icon for Jazilla among other things. This will be used for both desktop and PDA installs. If your're the artist type why not create something?

Welcome to the new Jazilla website. This site is now powered by PmWiki and should be easier to navigate than the last one.

For personal reasons (and weather too, summer here in Australia, hard to work in 30C heat, and I'm not a beach person) I haven't actively been working on Jazilla since November last year but I intend to start work on Jazilla again soon.

One of the things I intend to implement is a WAP/WML client. This is going to be a combination of ideas from both the XUL (jXUL) and HTML (JRenderer/NetBrowser) engines which will allow a rewrite of either (probably HTML) should the need suffice, and without licensing issues, especially in the HTML engine where many previous Jazilla developers are uncontactable and are blocking 100% legal relicensing of the entire codebase.

Also on the drawing board is an implementation of Mozilla's SOAP API which should make data acquisition in Jazilla eaiser. Along with the SuperWaba port which will allow you to enjoy Jazilla on your PDA or SmartPhone (I'm busting to get Jazilla on my Zire 31), Jazilla Powered(TM) stickers will come out some day :)

-- mcbridematt, 29/1/04.

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